Stoned Tigers — Mint soon 4/20/22

It’s a PFP-project living on the Solana-Blockchain. And the first question is:

Why Solana? The answer is simple, we want to make our project affordable and inclusive. Solana has low gas, SOL itself is cheaper and has good potential in the future. Data keeps for 6 month, it takes less resources and it is ecological. Meanwhile it has a big potential for gaming, and this leads us to one of our roadmap points — the P2E game, but more on it further ahead.

Supply — 2,222 pieces. Why so? We want to build a small strong community of friends who share the same vibe and values with us. Our goal is a safe space where everyone can share information about technologies, create art, exchange knowledge, chill and always be heard.

Who are Stoned Tiges? We are stoned, and we are tigers. (c.)

The idea came from Viktor — the founder. He was born in the Chinese year of the tiger and he is usually stoned, so are we. “Being a Stoner” is a different culture with its own vibe and aesthetic.

A bit of doxing, our team is totally international and consists of 9 members.

Viktor was born in Estonia, lived in Finland and in Portugal. He studied auto-mechanic engineering and, as a curious person in technology, got interested in block-chain and NFTs. While Viktor was living in Lisbon, he met local Ana Maria who became the Co-founder of the project and his close friend Pavel (Russia) who is now our video-editor. Through him, he found the Russian artist Miyato who hand-drew the collection and stays with us in the team, she is not going anywhere. Some years ago in Estonia, he also met other Russian-friend Daniil, who is now a Community-Leader. Another great ‘Lider Tiger’ is Jenni, from the US. CeePlus — Creative Director from Canada who created the 3D SurfBoards and the Stoned Tigers pass, along with more cool art. Our amazing remarkable Mod started just as a community members, his name is BIG Willy (USA).

You can read more about who we are here.

Whole new level of experience in the Metaverse!

We have a gallery featuring 19 artists in the NFT industry to showcase their artworks, which took us 21 episodes of ‘NFT Networking & Shill!’ to conquer. It’s been a long journey creating the gallery and finding all these beautiful artistic souls. Spatial — the platform, allows us to bring an incredible user experience and fun environment during community meetings, where every guest can interact through voice chat and meet each other in the Metaverse, from anywhere in the world! You can check it right now, it looks amazing. As a bonus utility of the gallery — we are playing hide and seek from time to time there with our community members.

Bringing together 20 NFT artists to showcase their amazing creations in our gallery! Find out more here.

One of the first steps on the RoadMap is the AirDrop of Baby Stoned Tigers.

If you HODL, you will get one airdropped to your wallet. You’re going to get much more value if you just keep it instead of selling right away. We’re going to host our first live exhibition in Portugal, Lisbon because we just love this city and there are great spots for that, with the purpose to display our babies before they’re all grown up…

Burning mechanism.

We call it feeding. Your Baby Stoned Tiger NFT will become a collectable and turn into the second edition of Stoned Tigers if you feed them with our Meat Tokens. They will be used at a later stage as a game character in our game.

Important remark, your Stoned Tiger NFT (2nd generation) is your account in the game, so if you sell it, you sell your account with all the experience, inventory, etc.

All fun & games, and weed! Our game will be a weed-growing farm. You have a land where you grow weed, sell weed, smoke weed, make alliances with other players, dump the price or upgrade it. So it’s kind of a simulation of the real world. You have a field to grow your weed and there you will be able to build a shop and your house. You can place the items associated with the Stoned Tigers in this game as well, as they are already designed to be metaverse compatible, making it a very easy task for us to integrate that.

Everything related to the surf-club is what we consider the main utility of our brand and the most exciting thing we look forward to in its future. We’ve already successfully launched our magnific Stoned Tigers Surfboards — a NFT collection of 3D models. There are only 10 of them in existence, having all found a home. One of the owners will be lucky to join us on our Surf-trip in Portugal, among other 5 holders of the original Stoned Tigers NFT. Btw, this trip will be 100% financed by us, including travel.

During next year, we plan to open our own Surf-club in Costa da Caparica (Portugal), which will be a physical shop & surf school, where we’ll be selling our upcoming Stoned Tigers Merch and all inventory associated with surfing.

Surfy — created by one of our incredible Meme Masters

We’re Stoned. We’re Tigers. We’re Stoned Tigers! Everything we do, we do it better stoned.



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Stoned Tigers

Stoned Tigers is a community-driven project consisting of 2,222 unique NFTs that brings together surf, weed & chill lovers, all in one place!